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Why You Should Learn WordPress - Digital Minds Pakistan

By: Digital Minds Pakistan


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Who doesn’t solve easy and reliable solutions? Well, WordPress is one of them. For people who do not what is WordPress, let us explain it to them. It is an intensive tool that is used to build a website in the blink of an eye. You can create, edit, and style your website as per your needs with WordPress.

75% of the websites are made on WordPress; and why not? It offers very flexible, and customize themes so you can choose according to your imaginations.                                 

But, what are the other reasons to use WordPress? Let’s take a deep dive into 10 good reasons why you should use WordPress:


WordPress is a free content management system (i.e. open-source), which is owned by none. This might look like a disadvantage, but trust me; it is not. Because technically no one owns it, so WordPress developers all around the globe are always looking for a room for improvement in WordPress.

Imagine feature updates, the best security is available every now and then or perhaps 24 hours, 7 days a week! – And you do not have to pay a single penny for all this. Can you claim this for your CMS?  We are sure you won’t be able to do so.

So why not use WordPress for your website?

Intensely variable, customized, and flexible:

When it comes to website development, you need to take a dive into the pool of ideas. In case if you are developing a website using WordPress, the pool of ideas would be at your service. Why? This is because WordPress has an uncountable number of themes, layouts, plugins, and whatnot. You can even mix and match the plugins if you want to.

Few WordPress themes might not be available for free but they are worth paying.

So cutting the long story short, WordPress is a highly flexible and personalized CMS that offers tons of options to choose from.

You do not need to be a developer:

This might offend a few people but the truth is that to launch a website via WordPress doesn’t require knowledge of coding or programming.

It is absolutely fine if you are unaware of coding and complexities like that. WordPress will do the job itself.

The main purpose of launching WordPress was to serve non-tech people. It has a super easy interface, and its components are too smooth to handle.

Other than this, one can easily find the written and verbal manuals of operating WordPress’s options and features. So in case if you are a pure beginner in the field, you are rarely going to face any trouble.

WordPress and SEO together:

Every business strives to rank first on Google and other search engines by being SEO friendly. Now, of course, producing SEO-friendly content isn’t only done by WordPress. It can be done by other CMS too. But WordPress specifically has SEO features. It offers a scale through which you can evaluate the score of SEO friendliness. So you know, where your content stands, and what changes can be done to turn the orange signal green.

For this reason, people prefer WordPress – and why shouldn’t they? Who doesn’t wants to come one number 1 on search engines? Everyone wants to, of course.

WordPress doesn’t cost an arm and leg:

This might seems like bragging, but this is true. WordPress is a content management system, which is available for FREE! Like what you get for free these days? Nothing. But this content management system is absolutely free.

Yes, you might need to pay for setting it up or purchasing your favorite, and customized theme which will help you in the long run and is beneficial for your brand too. But even if all the costs are added up, the cost would be low as compared to other content management systems.

Why won’t you love to own something which is light on the pocket, and easy to step up?

WordPress is reliable:

Like other content management systems, WordPress will never crash or delete your data. WordPress is a really mature content management system that has been serving people for over 15 years. With the evolving technology, WordPress has come across many updates and is most trusted by users. The WordPress developer community has been working day and night to add new extensions or plugins, testing them to make sure that the user doesn’t suffer, and enhancing it so the user has an experience better than before.

Everyone wants a secure system that would work for them for a longer period, so WordPress should be your go-to option for sure!

Pushing global limits:

With WordPress, you can run your business in different countries in your native language. Amazing, right? WordPress is a real pro in duplicating sites according to the region and according to their time zone and their language.

So, you do not need localized sites for each country because WordPress will do it itself. Did you ever imagine that managing websites in different parts of the world would become this easy? Think; no language boundaries, no time zone boundaries, or any global hurdle which you can face with other content management systems.

So yeah! For being so versatile WordPress is highly recommended to the users.

Watertight reputation in the market:

Huge brands like Forbees.com, CNN, and Time.com has their websites on WordPress. This is because WordPress has owned the marketplace with its out-classed performance, versatile options, and much more. It has been trusted by several big names of the town for a reason. Apart from elite names, even government organizations use this content management system.

Needless to say, but WordPress has a bullet-proof reputation in the market.

You don’t have to rely on a single web developer:

Since WordPress is among a highly-consumed content management system, you’ll never run out of WordPress developers. If you use a very unique content management system and your developer runs away for any reason, you might suffer a hard time finding a developer who is familiar with your opted unique CMS.

However, if you use WordPress for your site, you will never be short on WordPress developers. You can easily access tons of WordPress developers with a single ad to get out of the stuck situation.

A trend:

WordPress development is a trend that is never going out of style – not at least for a few years. This is because people trust WordPress for decades and giving up on such a beneficial content management system won’t be an easy decision.


If you use WordPress for your site or plan to become a WordPress developer; both situations are going to favor you!

Being a WordPress developer, you will have many clients to work for and serve them with your unrivaled skills.

Digital Minds Pakistan is highly aware of the scope of WordPress development, and the need for WordPress developers in the market.

For this cause, we are offering a WordPress Development Mastery course to teach the most-wanted course to our youth. Join our classes now.

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