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mobile eCommerce trends

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Mobile eCommerce Stats in 2019 & Future Online Shopping Trends of mCommerce

Mobile eCommerce Stats in 2019 & Future Online Shopping Trends of mCommerce

From traditional marketing to online marketing and from e-commerce to m-commerce, the technology is certainly altering the way we interact around with people and with businesses.

Mobile Commerce or what simply can be referred to as MCommerce is all about making online transactions using mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). technically, MCommerce is part of the larger E-commerce industry that include online banking and bill payments.

Now, in this blog, we will exclusively be covering the stats and trends of MCommerce (Mobile E-commerce) and how it is influencing the future of online shopping.

But before we move on to the stats about the Mobile eCommerce and the future shopping trends, let’s just see why you need to keep a mobile-friendly website:

Why Mobile Friendly Websites Are Important?

Here are just some incredible statistics you need to know to understand the importance of keeping the mobile-friendly website:

    • In 2019, 80% of all searches made by users were made from a mobile device
    • Close to half of all online transactions are made using mobile devices
    • In 2019, the marketing budget for mobile searches and ads amounted to over USD 28 billion
    • Over half of all online websites have transitioned to responsive (mobile-friendly) websites that adjust to all devices
    • Over half of all shoppers use mobile searches coupled with physical shopping
    • Mobile search and ad spending in 2020 will account for over 70% of all digital advertising spending in the USA
    • More than 50% of online shoppers read online reviews using mobile devices before making a purchase
    • Loading time for websites is an important factor for over 50% of mobile uses

mobile eCommerce trends

I believe, reading these stats alone is sufficient to highlight the importance of keeping a responsive website. However, to add the agony even more for unresponsive websites, Google has already implemented the “Mobile-First” indexing algorithm a few years back. This is now penalizing unresponsive websites for mobile searches, pushing them down the rank. Simply making it almost impossible for unresponsive websites to compete and sustain.

Mobile eCommerce Stats In 2019 & Future Online Shopping Trends

Now, that you know the growing trend of mobile users, let’s now closely examine the mobile eCommerce stats in 2019 and future online shipping trends.

Mobile e-commerce has been an increasing trend among global shoppers. Users across the world are preferring to shop online using their mobile devices and integrated technology that comes as part and parcel of MCommerce. Now, as we move past the first month of 2020, we are already seeing positive signs from the mobile e-commerce industry, raising excitement to see some powerful development in the industry in this year.

To give you a fair idea of what impacts we are talking about, below we have come up with some stats and shopping trends that will help you understand how mobile e-commerce is changing the e-commerce shopping industry.

1- Importance Of Mobile eCommerce

In 2019, mobile e-commerce purchases in the USA account for over 40% of all the online sales in the country.

As per the latest statistics from Black Friday 2019; the number of customers using MCommerce to shop online was largest ever. According to some estimates, nearly One-Third of the Black Friday sales last year were completed from smartphones – simply reflecting the rising trend of the technology.

In fact, the pace at which users are adapting MCommerce to shop online, it’s almost impossible today for retailers to ignore mobile optimization of their websites. That’s probably the reason why Google has been increasingly pushing business owners to optimize their websites for mobile devices for quite some time.

Today, almost all major e-commerce platforms offer responsive and smartphone friendly themes, which can be of great assistance to businesses.

Another statistic that establishes the importance of MCommerce is the fact that the number of mobile searches has already surpassed the desktop searches, which simply means that businesses with responsive and mobile-devices optimized sites are in a better position to improve their revenues.

2- Mobile Payments –  A Necessity For Mobile eCommerce

mobile eCommerce trends

According to the research by Allied Market Research, the worldwide market for mobile payments will grow more than 33% in the next two years; estimating to USD 3,388 Billion.

If you aren’t aware, mobile payments refer to the online transactions that are made using smartphone/tablet-based digital wallets or apps, including Samsung Pay, PayPal, etc.

Today, users aren’t just exploring different mobile devices to shop online, but they are also looking for better and improved mobile payment methods. According to research by Zion Market Research, the market share for different digital wallets is expected to rise to 32% in the next two years.

This is to say, e-commerce stores and retailers need to add digital wallets to their payment gateways, to capture this increasing user segment by offering them easy checkout way.

3- Mobile Conversion Rate Stats

An unlikely stat shows that while the trend for mobile e-commerce is on the rise around the globe, the conversion rate for mobile users is still lower than the desktop users.

The Q2 2018 conversion rates for desktop shoppers was recorded at 3.91%, whereas, the conversion rates for the same quarter for mobile users remained at 1.61%, which is almost half as compared to desktop conversion rate.

So, what’s stopping mobile shoppers to complete a purchase?

According to one research by Digital Minds, one of the most pressing reasons why mobile shoppers tend to abandon the cart and not complete the purchase is for security concerns.

While, shoppers in the USA and western countries may seem to be confident about the security of mobile payments, in many parts of Asia and Africa, people still don’t fully trust the security of mobile transactions.

This means that retailers and e-commerce businesses can significantly boost their conversion rates by offering shoppers with trusted digital wallets (PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.). Integrating these leading digital wallets will lower the fears of users, as they feel more confident to complete the purchase securely.

Another important consideration in this regard for online businesses is to ensure the application of extended validation SSL certificates. By applying the SSL certificate, the URL of your site turns green with a lock icon, representing a safe and secure browsing experience for users. In fact, sites working without SSL or EV SSL may trigger security warnings to users; resulting in a massive loss in reputation and a decrease in sales.

Another major reason for lower conversion rates for mobile e-commerce is that users tend to find it hard navigating to checkout; triggering them to abandon the purchase.

A good step that can help e-commerce businesses in this regard is to break forms into steps/pages, with clear text headlines instructing users for the next step. This will help improve the overall navigation of the site, as well as, improve the conversion rates for businesses.

4- Omnichannel Strategies Are Key

While optimizing websites for mobile e-commerce is surely important for online businesses, it doesn’t mean they can neglect the importance of other sales channels.

To give a better perspective, according to a detailed study conducted for 45,000 shoppers, less than 10% of those interviewed were online-online shoppers and over 70% of respondents were multi-channel shoppers.

To put it simply, businesses need to adapt to the omnichannel strategy (multichannel). This includes ensuring that your business is equally represented for the target audience – irrespective of their preferred shopping channel. By adopting an omnichannel strategy, businesses will be in a great position to maximize their sales and improve the likeliness of conversion.


The rise of MCommerce is inevitable and the proof is in the numbers. There is no way that online businesses and retailers could ignore the integration of mobile commerce to optimize technology in their business.

By adopting mobile commerce technologies, businesses will be in a better position to offer their target audience with an omnichannel strategy; maximizing their business potential and increasing conversion rates.

Remember, the key to optimization for Mobile E-commerce is to offer users security and better user experience.

23 Jan
Digital Pakistan Initiative

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Digital Pakistan Initiative – Debriefing The Scope & Impacts Of Campaign

Digital Pakistan Initiative- Debriefing The Scope & Impacts Of Campaign


Decoding Digital Pakistan Landscape and status of Digital Pakistan Initiative


Pakistan is among the top countries with massive scope in the tech and digital sectors. With an increasing middle class and massive educated population, the country is all poised for a digital revolution, provided the right infrastructure and policies are implemented from the top authorities.

In fact, even before the launch of the digital Pakistan initiative, Pakistan ranked on the 4th spot as the top tech freelancing country in the world. This is a great achievement looking at the rather poor state of affairs and lack of government interest in the tech industry.

According to one study, Pakistan is one of the top countries with respect to the number of smartphone users. However, the despising part about it is the fact that even with such high penetration of smartphones in the country, it’s a contribution towards the national GDP remains negligible when compared to other countries. The recent launching and success of various location-based tech businesses like Careem, Uber, Bykea, AirLift, SWVL, and others have already highlighted the potential, as well as, the scope of the tech industry in the country.

In line with the above factors, the recent launch of the Digital Pakistan Initiative by the government is a sigh of relief and a reassurance for tech professionals to continue their efforts in the industry. The scope of the initiative includes creating a conducive and supportive digital infrastructure and environment that encourage young entrepreneurs to venture and tap into the massive potential of the country. Lest we not forget that sometimes a Google executive, Mr. Lars Anthonisen (Head of Large Customer Marketing, South Asia) gave his positive opinion about Pakistan’s tech landscape, designating the country as a great potential market for investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. His remarks resonated well with Pakistan’s economic structure that’s powered by SMEs, as well as, mobile users.

What was lacking then was an official reassurance to local and international entrepreneurs/investors to take initiative to Pakistan? And now that the government of Pakistan has officially launched the campaign and has been able to attract a top Google executive to lead the campaign, the industry seems all poised to get competitive and start contributing to the national economy.

The groundwork for the campaign was started back in 2018 when the current government took over the office, determined to take ahead and diversify the economy, while also emphasizing curbing corruption and promoting transparency across all sectors. The final policy released by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom reverberated the aim of the government by stating about the initiative:

“To become a strategic enabler for an accelerated digitization ecosystem to expand the knowledge-based economy and spur socio-economic growth.”

Over the past few months, the government has shown its absolute resolve and commitment to digitalize Pakistan and already we are seeing its positive impacts across many sectors. It was this initiative that provides the government to bring transparency into various monetary schemes and identify loopholes exploited by corrupt elements.


Digital Pakistan Initiative – An Initiative with Far-Reaching Impacts!


Now, keeping in sight various possibilities of growth and improvement across all fronts, here are some of the more prominent impacts of the Digital Pakistan Initiative which we can expect to see in the near future:

  • Economic and Financial Growth:

Almost all the economic and financial pundits are betting on the initiative as the game-changer for the country’s economy; hopeful that it will open up endless possibilities of growth across all sectors. The digitalization of the economy will also attract various national and international investors to venture into a huge Pakistani market; opening up employment opportunities for a large educated class of the country. Furthermore, a transparent and level playing field offered by digital Pakistan will drive innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the youngsters, who will find it easier than ever to invest across all fronts; especially in the tech industry.

  • Social and Environmental Impact:

Apart from the massive impact on the economic and financial front, the Digital Pakistan Initiative will also have a lasting impact on altering the socio-environmental landscape in the country. There’s already a productive debate going-on among the policymakers and high-echelons about providing a fair and transparent platform derived by Digitalization. If achieved, this will single-handedly change the entire socio-economic condition of the country by empowering the passionate youngsters with transparent opportunities; spared by corruptions and vested interests of the higher-ranking officials.

  • Property Market Expansion:

Real-state has always been a lucrative and high-performing industry in Pakistan. However, the rotten pen-paper based record keeping of the land (Patwaris) has long been abused and infested by parasitic corrupt people in power and Feudal in the country. Digitalization of the property market will thus liberate the property market from the crunches of the traditional power holders and offer a fair and transparent opportunity to businessmen across the country, thus revitalizing the industry with innovative ideas and fair competition.

All in all, the Digital Pakistan Initiative is an excellent and commendable step taken-up by the government. The long due step will prove to be a game-changer for the economic as well as social environment of the country. The initiative won’t just offer great opportunities to large passionate and educated entrepreneurs in the country but also offer a great opportunity for international investors to invest and profit from Pakistan’s huge market. Technically, this one-step open up more opportunities than ever before for Pakistan’s business sector (especially the tech industry) to claim their position in the world.

14 Jun
Digitalminds.pk How to become seo Expert

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What Is Seo?

Search engine optimization is a process of driving traffic towards a website through organic search results on search engines.

In the sector of digital marketing, SEO has emerged as an important tool or process of increasing the power of search engines like Google.  In order to elevate the ranking of a website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), firms and businesses are looking for specialized professionals of digital marketing and SEO to accomplish this goal. SEO specialists are tasked with promoting, maintaining and managing the quality of websites.

How Does SEO Work?

A search engine such as Google, generate their search results totally based upon authenticity and relevance of websites and pages it has crawled and included in its web index, to provide the best and most appropriate answer to a user’s query.

Search engines use signals in generating their search results and SEO uses technical and creative activities to improve and influence these signals.

SEO, therefore, focuses on making sure a website is accessible, fine with all the technicalities, uses the exact words that people type into the search engines. Its goal is to provide great user experience, with extremely useful and high-quality expert level content that helps in answering the user’s query.

How To Be An Expert:

There is a lot you need to know to learn about SEO, to be an expert. It will require you to take a proper SEO training course and later a lot of practice to gain technical and creative skills as well as experience. There are many platforms and training institutions that are offering Digital marketing and SEO training courses in Karachi, Pakistan, under the supervision of certified professionals who will guide you with the most efficient and effective strategies and top-quality techniques that will help you build your career as an expert of SEO.

  1.        Learn                                 
  2.        Practice                             
  3.        You are good to go 



Here is a basic guide that will give you a little idea of search engine optimization. SEO consists of creative and technical activities that are often classified as ‘Onsite SEO’ and ‘Offsite SEO’. These terminologies themselves give the idea of what they are. They have performed on and away from the website. These activities need skills and proficiency often from the experts to be carried out.


Onsite SEO indicates the activities performed on a website to improve organic or natural visibility. This means optimizing a website and its content to improve the relevancy, accessibility, and experience for users. These activities include:

  • Keyword Researchanalyzing and then evaluating the type of words and frequencies used by potential customers to find a service or product.
  • Onsite OptimisationImproving the structure of a website, internal navigation, on-page alignment and relevancy of content to help prioritize key areas and target relevant search phrases.


Offsite SEO directs towards the activities carried out away from a website to improve natural or organic visibility. This is also called as ‘link building’, its target is to expand the number of reputable links from other websites, as the search engines use these links as a vote of trust.

  • Link building

Links from pages and websites with more popularity, trust and relevancy will prove another website more worthy, than a poor or unknown website that is not trusted by the search engines. So, the quality of a link is always important.

  • Website Content

Creating quality content will help attract authentic and relevant links. This content might include a guide, an interesting story, visuals, researches or news with compelling facts and stats.


When you are done learning the SEO tools and technique, you need to know where and how to them. Following are activities which are applied ONPAGE.

  • Title tags

The title tag determines the search engines what the page is about and if that page of your website is relevant for that keyword or keyword phrase. Title tags must be unique for every page.

  • Meta descriptions

These descriptions are written right under the title on search engine result page. They are very important in getting users to click through to your website from the search engine results page. Meta descriptions must use keywords wisely, but also include an attractive description on which a user would want to click on.

  • Content with Keywords

it is very important that your content is relevant and unique. If you have numerous pages with the same content, you will have the risk of getting penalized by search engine and that will ultimately affect your search rankings.

  • Linking internal pages with anchor text

Internal linking means a link on a page that directs towards another page on the same website. It is important because it gives internal strength to the keywords for those pages. It also allows users to surf through the website pages.

Following are things you can practice in OFF PAGE activities.

  • Social Media Engagement

social media engagement is a major off-site technique of SEO.  In order to make your business, website or blog popular, interact and engage with people on various social media platforms. Social media presence will help grow your business as well as help you obtain more backlinks.

  • Generating shareable Content

Quality of content is always the key in search engine optimization. Creating content that is shareable is a smart way of generating more and more natural links to your website.

  • Influencer Outreach

If your content is share-worthy, reach out to the influencers. Direct them to check your website or blog and ask for link backs from their blogs or social media accounts. Make sure you get the links from completely relevant sources and domains.


Prepare yourself to work for very little money or sometimes even for nothing because the experience is the key. In the beginning, set up your own blog and play around with all the methods and ways you learned and practiced of driving traffic. Even better option is to offer to help someone with their online marketing campaigns. Once you have some experience to talk about, It is easy to begin working as SEO professionally because you are an expert now!

There are several platforms to start working from, It can be your own blog or website. You can find work through the many freelance websites available on the internet. Or you can always go out to any marketing agency to seek a job as an SEO expert. Because the scope is very wide!

21 May

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How Atif Founded His Own Company After Completing His Digital Marketing Certificate

How Atif founded his own company after completing his Digital Marketing Certificate

When you got ideas, talent, and skills to be an entrepreneur, to pull off a startup, but also have no clue how or from where to begin, you go from place to place searching for opportunities, looking for a spark or kick start. In the process, many challenges come in your way, regardless of your determination. And sometimes, things might even get unfair, but you are never supposed to give up on your dream.

An individual, Atif, has a similar story. He was a professional designer. He was highly talented, skillful, and brilliant at his work but, even after being so extraordinary, he struggled to get the exposure and recognition his work deserved. He was not given any big opportunity that was his absolute right, and due to which he was unable to expand his business and earn enough.

At that time, He did not know a lot about the digital medium and its importance in the marketing sector, he was unaware of the opportunities online platforms could bring to him and help him grow his business and maximize his earnings. He then came to know about Digital Marketing, that it is such a platform that can grant you great chances to expand your business and increase your earnings to a huge extent.

Then, Atif decided to enroll himself in a Digital Marketing Mastery Program in December 2017, it took him only four months to complete the program. He got his certification in March 2018. Through this program, he learned about several digital marketing platforms and tools, and how it bridges the gap between your business and the potential customers. He also came to know about some genius marketing tactics and strategies that could help him improve and grow his business.

Right after completion of his certifications, Atif started working through freelancing platforms as well as his own website. He was able to reach to his clients easily through this medium, either local or international. And within only the first 8 months, he started earning up to $3000 revenue per month. He later decided to expand his business by founding his own company and ended up being highly satisfied with work as well as earnings.

Digital marketing has provided people of this era with unlimited opportunities that they missed before it. It shows how great of a platform digital medium is. Digital marketing is proving to be a successful industry nowadays in Pakistan as well as all around the world. It has a great scope for those who are good with socializing with people. and begin to seek opportunities through it to get positive results.

26 Mar

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How To Become A Social Media Marketer – Things You Probably Didn’t Know

How To Become A Social Media Marketer – Things You Probably Didn’t Know


Since the era has digitized, the conventional ways of communication have outdated. Now, people seem to be very invested in their digital lives. They spend most of their leisure time surfing on the internet, social media websites and applications.  


Social Media is a digital platform that connects people all around the world. Website like Facebook, twitter and Instagram are used by millions of people on daily basis. It is where they interact with other people, share their views, follow their interests, promote their businesses and many more.


From marketing point of view, social media is a huge platform for any kind of business. An easy and effective way to reach the audience. Digital marketing is proving to be a successful industry nowadays in Pakistan as well as all around the world. It has a great scope for those who are good with socializing with people.


To be a successful social media marketer, you are supposed to keep following things in mind;

  • Choose Your Platform

You do not need to be present at all the social networking sites. Choose the platforms you like and where your concerned audience can be easily found and targeted. Get there, be active and interactive to build a following.

  • Be social

When you are on social media, keep it in mind that you do not just promote your stuff and disappear. You must be social, that means, you should interact and converse with people in order to develop a connection with them. Because when you are around people but do not have a relation with them, they are not going to pay attention to whatever you got to say.

  • Know your audience

Social media marketing requires you to know who your audience is. It is very much important when you are about to carry out a social media campaign that the audience you are targeting is interested in your business or not. Just make sure that your promotions reach to the concerned audience.

  • Be Available

You must post and update regularly in order to maintain your relationship with your followers. Make sure you don’t spam or post things your followers aren’t interested in, they are likely to unfollow you in that case.

  • Marketing

It is necessary that you have knowledge about how marketing work. Its best to learn some marketing methods and strategies that could be useful for your expertise.

  • Time management

As a social media expert, you must take care of the time at which you carry out your campaign. The best time is when most audience is available, it can get you maximum engagement and results in successful campaign.

  • Quality of over Quantity

Make sure the content you write, or share is interesting and attracts the audience rather than boring them. No one on social media wants their timelines to be stuffed and spammed with repetitive posts. Also try to keep in mind that your content not just includes text but graphics as well. Public is easily attracted towards images and videos.

  • Develop relationship with follow marketers:

Most people try to run campaigns of their own without anyone’s support but know that the larger the group, the successful the campaign. So, it is important to have a group that spreads the content you share among their followers and you share theirs. It results in increased engagement.

  • Keep learning and do not give up:

Social media isn’t a platform you can excel at over a night. It takes time, effort and a lot more to be successful at gathering an audience around you. It is advised to be patient at what you are doing and eventually it will work out for you if you move along the right path.


If you are looking forward to be an expert, In Karachi, at Pakistan, Digital Minds, a digital marketing training institute provides digital marketing training courses and social media marketing course i.e (smm training course) are being conducted under the supervision of highly talented professionals who will guide you with the most successful strategies and useful advices.


As the technologies are advancing each day, changes take place very frequently, so you got to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, strategies and ways to keep going. Do not give up easily.  

05 Mar
How to become a freelance digital marketer digitalminds.pk

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How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer – Everything You Need to Know

How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer – Everything You Need to Know


The rising connectivity of digital world has crossed the barriers in many industries. Similarly, there has been a drastic change in marketing industry as well.

The communication and information mediums such as, newspapers, televisions and radios which were used by the businesses and enterprises to promote themselves previously. Now that world has become digital, marketing digitally has become a need. It has surged the demand of digital marketers.

The digital industry is booming, in so many ways and angles, bringing opportunities for those who are willing to be digital workers and freelancers. With each passing day, more and more enterprises and businesses are looking for digital marketing experts to expand and promote their businesses and deliver their significant campaigns and projects to the concerned audience.


To be successful digital marketer, there are several skills you can acquire:


Digital media is driven by content. This is something which is inevitable. To attract any sort of audience, words are what you need, to tell the story of whatever product you are promoting. Content writing specialist are needed for this task.


Social media is a big business platform. Every client must want presence of their business on following popular social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram because it is where the audience spend most their time and they can be targeted easily. Social media marketing experts are in high demand for this task. If you are looking for social media training in Karachi you can Enroll here.


Even after all the social media and other online campaigns, the client still might need its customers to somehow reach to them. To drive the audiences towards the client’s products and services, online paid advisement are used. Businesses and Enterprises need someone who has vast knowledge of how online advertising works so that they could get the maximum return on what is spent on the advertisements. Hence, the need of PPC specialist. Google AdWords is probably the most important PPC platform that is currently being used by the experts. Enroll Now to improve your Google Ads skills.


With millions and millions of websites on the internet, to make sure the audience reaches to your client’s website is the job of the specialist of SEO. Several techniques are used to optimize the search engine to make it possible.

This service is a bit more technical than the other digital marketing skills. Businesses are more likely to outsource it, than to do it themselves. That makes its demand high. Enroll Now to learn the cote techniques of Search Engine Optimization.


To be a specialist of skills mentioned previously, there are courses, trainings and workshops being conducted in different digital marketing institutes in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. These trainings and courses include:

✅ Social media marketing course

✅ Search engine optimization (SEO) training

✅ Pay per click (PPC) training course


Now that you know what digital marketing is and what it takes to be a digital marketer, there are a few things you should know to be a successful freelance digital marketing expert.


As now you know that there are lots of services that a digital marketer can offer. To be successful in digital marketing business, it is important to know that you can not be jack of all trades so pick a few, whichever you like or find the most interesting to learn and has higher chances of getting you clients. Make sure the services you choose to provide are related that makes it easier for you to cope up with changing trends.


To excel in your skills, you might not need a degree but to have complete knowledge of strategies of digital marketing, you will need to do courses in the particular fields of interest, or you can always learn from the internet. It needs a little effort to be an expert after all.


Keep practicing what you learn by offering your skills and services in return of gaining experiences and start building your portfolio because the sooner it grows, the better.


Being a freelance digital marketer does not mean that you are going to work alone. You might need to attend meetups and conferences and you are ultimately going to come across with other freelancers and it will be a great opportunity of learning and experiencing more and more about your niche.


The key to any starting out digital marketer is flexibility. You must be humble with your clients and not be stiff about the rates you require for the skills you have to offer because the digital market is already very competitive and to grow better and successful, you need to be flexible.  


There are number of ways to find clients as a freelance digital marketer.

➜ Through referrals from friends, family and even previous clients.

➜ By approaching nearby digital advertising and marketing agencies.

➜ By browsing through different freelance websites available over the internet.

Digital Minds also train students how to find and work with clients professionally.


When you start working as a successful freelance digital marketer, do not forget to keep in touch with the peers who in any way have helped you through your beginning phase.

Also, never forget to keep learning as this field of work in extremely dynamic, you need to develop along it.