15 Nov
How to become a web designer without a degree
How to become a web designer without a degree

Today we’ll be discussing something which seems impossible, but isn’t! We’ll discuss how to become a web designer without a degree.

The latest trick is to take smart routes instead of taking long routes and labeling yourself as a hard worker! Well of course; hard work matters, but being smart should be the topmost priority.

Since web design is a fruitful field; several people are trying their luck but they don’t succeed. Everyone ends up searching “how to become a web designer without a degree”, and ends up watching the same online lectures. The market is getting crowded each day. The ratio of success is shrinking. Hence, to stand out of the field you need to have something unique in your hands.

The first answer to the query (i.e. how to become a web designer without a degree) is you can learn from YouTube. There are several lectures available on the internet. If you think you are capable enough and will ace it, GO AHEAD! But the downside of this solution is that everyone is doing so. The market got crowded because everyone started watching online lectures and claimed themselves a web designer; which is impossible. 

Then what to do in order to be in the limelight – Instead of taking a whole bachelor’s degree, you can take short courses. Many institutes throughout the city offer web design courses.

Digital Minds; a well-versed institute also noticed that there is a huge number of students searching “how to become a web designer without a degree”. The digital service agency and institute decided to launch a web designing course.

The benefit of taking a short course is:

  •       It won’t take much time as it says; short courses
  •       Digital Minds is a well-recognized institute, nationally and internationally,
  •       The institute is affiliated with a Canadian-based digital agency and Sindh Institute of Technology.

Digital Minds is already connected with huge names; so you don’t need to worry about its credibility. We hope your query “how to become a web designer without a degree” is solved now!

If you are interested in being a web designer without a degree; enroll now!

12 Nov
Freelance jobs from home
Highest Paying Freelance Jobs From Home You Can’t Miss

Willing earn in dollars by sitting at home? Today we got freelance jobs from home ideas for you. These ideas require a little skillset and you are all set to impress foreigners will your skills. Of course, freelance jobs from home have their own benefits; as it offers a very flexible routine!

So let’s begin with the freelance jobs from home ideas directory:

Try your artistic skills:

Graphic design is an umbrella term that covers logo designing into it. Both fields require innovative and creative minds.

The logo is the brand identity; and every brand needs one! National and International firms are always searching for logo designers. If you got creative skills; your gig will be successful for sure!

Although logo designing isn’t a piece of cake; but if you practice, you can smoothly design logos and heap your bank account with DOLLARS! You can either learn from YouTube. But if you are planning something more authentic, and long-term, you can register at Digital Minds; to learn the skills professionally.

Make sales through writing:

If you are really good at expressing through words; copywriting is your thing for sure! Copywriting is something near to content writing, but with a little twist. Under copywriting, you write content that sells. You need to be really good at playing with words, along with picking up the catchiest slogan to define the product or service.

Apart from being a copywriter; you can serve several sectors with your content writing skills too. Among so many freelance jobs from home; this one is the most practiced since there are vacancies for copy and content writers every now and then.

Be the voice of the brand:

Every huge brand needs a strong social media presence. If you are searching for freelance jobs from home, social media marketing can be the best suite for you. Under this job; you manage social media handles for your client. The job can be time-consuming at times, but it has a huge scope too.

Several brands need someone to handle their social media platforms, engage with the audience, increase the number of likes, publish regularly, use correct hashtags; AND A LOT.

Social media mastery courses are offered by Digital Minds, where we teach social media handling tools, tips, and tricks to engage more users on the page. If you are interested, enroll now!

Digital Minds is a Karachi-based training institute, recognized nationally and internationally. We offer several other courses to, so you can easily enjoy freelance jobs from home! Check out our other mastery courses and enroll now.

08 Nov
Scope of web development
Career Growth & Scope Of Web Development in Pakistan

Web development – sounds like something dry and boring, but it is an ocean of innovation. Do you know we all are a part of web development? The social media we use, the online shopping we enjoy, and the food we order online to full fill our cravings are all possible because of web development.

Digital innovation and scope of web development:

Since evolving technology has shrunk and converted things into digital means; the scope of web development has been broadening. The reason is very simple: we all want information at fingertips. People do not go to the shops for checking the credibility of the brand, instead, they visit websites.

This innovation and change in the trend have given a boom to web development. High-class firms are always up for searching web developers to create a fully-fledged website with an engaging user interface, correct color theme, and the movements of icons on the website.

Talking about the scope of web development; it is infinite. I repeat, it is INFINITE. This is because websites are never going down. Every day we have a new elite class brand launched in the market; and they require a creative web developer. So you see, the businesses and brands need you!

Mentioning a few sectors will be an injustice to other sectors because the scope of web development is massive. The era of business needs you!

Why is it important to take web development training?

Since many people are aware of the scope of web development; they are learning either through YouTube or from an institute. Although web development is a huge field, entering into it is not a piece of cake. You need to be smart and efficient to be in the limelight. Few people might survive by learning through online platforms, but organizations rarely prefer them. So you need to admit yourself to the institute.

Top-leading web development institute:

We have many institutes in the market, who claim to teach web development; while this misses out on the major, and important languages need to be taught to a webie along with charging sky-high prices. However, Digital Minds understands the need and scope of web development. They offer a web development course; on cut-rate charges.

People who are aware of the scope of web development are already in the row to get their admission done. If you are willing to admit yourself in a well-recognized and Canadian-affiliated institute, enroll now!

05 Nov
How to start a business with no money
How To Start a Business With No Money

Once a wise man said “You don’t need money to start a business, but a business mind” and this is true in this era! No problem if you have run out of money and have no idea how to begin a business without money.

In today’s blog, we’ll share several ideas about how to start a business with no money.

Be a leader:

If you have good communication skills; this one is for you. Make a profile on job hunting sides like Fiverr, or freelancer. Hire some skillful people under you. Know their areas of expertise and hunt jobs for them. Once you have done this successfully; whatever you earn, keep a specific share of it and pay the rest to the team. This way you’ll be able to earn for yourself too, as well as someone might find employment. This idea of how to start a business with no money is known as outsourcing too.

Let them shop, and you can drop:

Dropshipping is another answer to the query i.e. how to start a business with no money. The process is simple. Go on the eCommerce sites; make a profile, list the products, keep the prices a little high (not too much) and let people order it from you. No, you don’t want to buy inventory; since this is the real trick.

When people order it from you, you can further place the order from some authentic seller and mention the address of the person who ordered it from you. They’d deliver it directly to the mentioned delivery address. You’ll pay the authentic seller, while the purchaser will pay you. The little difference between your price and the seller’s price will be your profit.

How about just being you?

Start a YouTube channel, and share your lifestyle with people all over the world. While doing this you will realize how many people can actually relate to you. Once your channel gets monetized, YouTube starts paying you! – Now you see how to start a business with no money.

Educate others:

Teaching is among one of the most respectable fields in the world. If you are good at something, or any subject, you can teach online through several platforms. Due to the COVID wave; lockdown has enforced the institutes to switch on digital teaching. You can teach online and earn some money! This is how to start a business with no money.

Not only institutes, but you can make a channel or page on social media, and upload videos as per the schedule. Talent never goes in vain. If you are really good, people will appreciate it and like you for sure.

Final words: “How to start a business with no money” is among the most searched queries. If you are already disheartened; give yourself a chance.