11 Mar
Best & Trusted CPA Networks You Will Be Using in 2021 - Digital Minds Pakistan
Best & Trusted CPA Networks You Will Be Using in 2021

CPA or Cost per Acquisition enables you to insane profits by driving traffic to the website to its utmost potential. Here is the game changer trick – what? Instead of directly selling your product, you actually persuade the audience to visit the website and purchase. People today are earning millions with the help of the best and trusted CPA networks.

When you have so many CPA networks on the rack, it can a little difficult to identify the best CPA network that is worth it. But do not worry; we have curated a list of the best CPA networks to boost your business!

The List of Best CPA Networks for Your Business:

Perform [cb]:

This platform has been recognized among the top picked and best CPA networks for resolving business problems for marketers through offering modules like CPC (Cost-Per-Click), Pay-Per-Call, CPL (Cost-Per-Lead), CPA (Cost-Per-Action), OTT, and CPI (Cost-Per-Install).

This CPA network empowers businesses as no one else can. A business owner and earn unexpected ROIs, generate massive revenues, promote campaigns to encourage the maximum audience to convert leads.

Additionally, its unique features like modern analytics, curated program recruitment, strategic program launches, and experienced account managers are another reason to adopt this CPA network for business.

Click Dealer:

This CPA Network is listed among the top-rated and best CPA networks for covering a wide range of business niches including, gaming, retailing, mobile, e-commerce, or even dating!

Since its inception, Click Dealer has managed to float on utmost top-ranking and gain the trust of the audience. Apart from popular niches, Click Dealer has something to offer for software, social media, sweepstake, and voucher.

So it can be said that Click Dealer covers a diversified range of well-known niches. It was launched in 2012 and has been acing the market since its inception.


Another very famous and best CPA network among all is LeadBit. However, LeadBit is recognized for handling CPL and CPA campaigns effectively and efficiently. It uses a unique strategy, through which the platform is enough empowered to allow businesses to earn massive profits or return on investment.

It covers a wide range of niches, including Nutra, dating, sweepstakes, gambling, and finance. The best part about LeadBit is you can have a customized payment plan – which can allow you to manage payments, as YOU wish. Amazing, right?

Lastly, the analytics of LeadBit are enough advanced and have a lot of modern features required to compete in this modern era.


Nisalink is recognized or labeled as a leading affiliate network, including 4000 merchants who prefer Nisalink over any other affiliate network. They use to promote market giants like reebok, MAC, Levis, and more. The diversified range of categories Nisalink offers including apparel and clothing and sports and outdoors is one of the reasons why Nisalink is a go-to option for merchants. Nisalink.com has a strict brand bidding policy for publishers that restrict affiliates to bid on merchants’ branded keywords.

07 Mar
What is WordPress - 8 Benefits of Using WordPress - Digital Minds Pakistan
What is WordPress? 8 Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress is the easiest way to create your own website, with simple steps and a lot of room for creativity. In technical language, WordPress is just like a CMS or Content Management System tool, through which you can operate your fully-featured website.

It happened in 2003 when two initiative minds sat together to bring out something which is now used by over 38% of the websites. The reason for its popularity is that it is very simple to use. Without knowing about programming and coding, you can launch your own website! – isn’t it worth a try?

WordPress websites are a complete treasure for every type of business. Either you are a blogger who loves to pen down their thoughts, or a photographer who wants to display its portfolio, or a business who wants to build its digital presence, or an e-commerce site owner who wishes to sell online – WordPress is a complete solution for everyone.

If you are clear about WordPress, let’s talk about the reasons why you should be using WordPress for your website development:

Offers an array of themes:

The best part about WordPress is that it offers a lot of room for different themes and styles. Let’s face it that all themes at WordPress are not for free, but many classy themes cost zero! If you use WordPress, you’ll be exposed to several free themes too which are ready to use instantly. Just to be extra sure, you can preview the website with the selected theme, and you are all set to go!

WordPress treats you extra:

Although WordPress has all the basic elements which are required by the website to run smoothly, few users demand more. In this case, WordPress would stick with you like a true companion and offer you a whole directory of extra elements like forms, shopping carts, or anything feature. Apart from this, users have the option to spend some money and purchase customized plug-ins. Latter you can deactivate or uninstall the plugins if you feel like it.

Who doesn’t wants to rank higher?

Every business wishes to be on the top ranking of Google. WordPress has made this easy because WordPress sites usually rank higher as compared to other websites. This is because of the keyword element in WordPress. The higher the keyword density, the higher the chances of ranking – agreed?

Also, WordPress has a lot of tools that can easily optimize content as per the requirements of search engine optimization. So who doesn’t want optimized content?

Extra marks for being responsive:

Another reason why websites rank on Google is mobile responsiveness. While building a website, make sure that it looks good on cellphones, tablets, computers, or any device. WordPress has a lot of responsive themes, which would work on any device and make the website super-responsive.

So of course, why shouldn’t we give extra marks to WordPress for this reason?

Easily accessible:

WordPress allows multiple users at a time. If you grant permission to the user, anyone could access it. However, you need to grant appropriate permission for allotting the access. This factor becomes beneficial when you and your teammates are working remotely.

You do not need to own a separate blog:

With WordPress, managing content is super easy! WordPress comes with a built-in blog feature, which is easily accessible through any device. If you use other ways to create a website, you might need to create a blog separately which might add extra cost.

So who doesn’t love to have an easy, and all-time accessible blog site?

A fact: WordPress was launched for blogging sites only. Latter with the passage of time, the purpose became versatile.

No worries even if you are a beginner

WordPress is so simple to use that a beginner can launch a website using this platform. If you are unaware of coding languages then WordPress can be your companion. Downloading WordPress is just a matter of a single click, and setting it up isn’t so difficult.

A companion for everyone

WordPress has really versatile options when it comes to developing any kind of site. However, as we discussed above that WordPress was launched to support blogging, but later it offered several plugins too. So you can create any type of website, according to the nature of your business. If your business demands something extra, you can mix the plugins to meet the requirements.

Hence, for being so versatile WordPress is known as a true companion for every nature of business.

WordPress is a highly consumed tool by users to build a website. Knowing WordPress is easy but if you do it yourself, you might miss out on some important aspects, and tips. For this reason, it is important to learn about the WordPress Development course.

We at Digital Minds Pakistan offer a WordPress Development Mastery course, under which you get to learn from the top-notch faculty of Karachi, Pakistan. If you are interested, Enroll Now!

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Why You Should Learn WordPress - Digital Minds Pakistan
Why You Should Learn WordPress?

WordPress – an open-source content management system empowering a huge number of websites for robust reasons. The best part is about WordPress websites is that they are so easy to build. People usually learn WordPress and launch their websites.

But is learning WordPress worth investing time and money in 2020?

Before we jump to the conclusion, let’s find out how things work in WordPress.

You give access to several people:

The best part about a WordPress website is that you can give access to as many people as you want. This means that your employees won’t have any reason to deny the work-from-home thing. Apart from this, you do not have to stick to your specific computer when it comes to working. You might be on vacation, and managing your website on your laptop.

While people might feel a little hesitant about this much versatility offered by WordPress, but we still find it as an opportunity.

The whole WordPress community can serve you:

Since WordPress is an open-source CMS, technically no one owns it. Hence you have access to the whole community of WordPress developers available 24/7 who would solve any bug that might be bugging any page of your website. So if you are using WordPress, you might not have to rely on a single developer.

Piece of cake:

Once you know how to operate WordPress; it is a piece of cake for you. The interface and settings of this content management system aren’t difficult at all. The motive of launching WordPress was to serve non-tech minds; hence the process from installing it to launching the website goes super smooth. Also, you can easily find out verbal and written manuals on how to operate WordPress. So this way you do not have to indulge in complex programming and coding.

Ranking on SEO:

The key to ranking on search engines is SEO – who doesn’t know SEO? The interesting part is that SEO features are available in WordPress. This cm lets you know where content stands and what can be done in order to make it SEO-friendly. It has an orange and a green signal which indicates the SEO-friendliness of the content.


Also, another important aspect to rank on a search engine is the interface of all devices. WordPress not only offers the themes but all those available themes are highly responsive on all other devices like phones, or tablets.

So once you know how WordPress works, you have the key to rank on search engines.

Mix and match the plugins:

There is no limit to themes and plugins in WordPress. Not only you have wider options to choose from, instead, but you can also customize the plugins and themes as per your imagination.

Unleash global opportunities:

Along with these pros, you can push the global limits with WordPress. WordPress lets you operate websites in foreign areas in the language they are familiar with. So in case, you want to operate in Germany; WordPress would help you in doing so.

Do you still think owning WordPress skills is not worth your time and money? You do not have to learn WordPress just because it is popular. Instead, you have several convincing reasons to do so.

But we have tutorials available online, why should we enroll in classes?

Surely, you have tutorials but enrolling yourself in a well-versed institute increases your creditability and weightage of your resume. The client knows that you have taken guidance under a top-notch teacher; who might have cleared your misunderstanding too.

Also, learning WordPress isn’t enough. You should be capable of solving bugs too; which is only possible if you learn at an institute.

Digital Minds Pakistan is a highly recognized institute that offers WordPress mastery classes. If you are willing to learn WordPress and set the benchmark, Enroll Now!

15 Feb
6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

If you are planning to launch a new website and are stuck between the battles of which content management system you should use, you are at the right place. The confusion is understandable and yet today we’ll be flushing out your confusions. By the end of the blog, you’ll be convinced that why you should be using WordPress for your website.

As per the research, around 35% of websites are built on WordPress – this is a huge share owned by WordPress.

Suppose your website is an empty outlet of something. The shelving and racks pattern on it is WordPress and the stuff placed on it is your content. You will make sure that the racks are placed in such a way that it is easy for you to pull out stuff effortlessly, doesn’t create a mess, and keep the store organized.

This is exactly what WordPress does for you. It keeps your content organized, and you can easily handle it due to its super-easy interface.

But what are the other 6 other reasons to use and cherish WordPress?


We understand that setting up a business or investing in a startup can be costly and you might end up with an empty pocket. WordPress is a completely free-of-cost content management system that is super easy to install and run. You will require a domain name and a web hosting system to install it.

Can you bet this about your current content management system? I wager you cannot.

Few people believe that WordPress might be a scam because it is for free; but do you know that there are several huge organizations globally, running their websites successfully on WordPress?

Unleash a whole new collection of themes and plugins:

WordPress is a pretty versatile CMS. It doesn’t only let you manage your content; instead, it allows you to do so in STYLE – How?

WordPress has several creative and eye-catching themes for free that will grab the visitor’s attention for sure. Most of the themes are for free, while you might have to pay for a few of the themes which are premium and extra-ordinary appealing.

However, paying for a premium theme shouldn’t be an issue because, in the long run, it will turn out to be fruitful for you too.

Not only quick-witted themes, but WordPress offers a collection of several plugins too. No matter whatever business you run; WordPress will serve you for sure. You either run a photography business or an e-commerce store, WordPress will have customized plugins in every case.

Also, you can merge two plugins to form completely customized solutions.

Access to third-party tools:

While using WordPress, you don’t have to end your friendship with your favorite payment method, or email marketing service. All credit goes to the extensive plugins. Almost every popular third-party service is available for usage on WordPress.

Smooth Search Engine Optimization:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential for any business to maximize the traffic on its platform. With WordPress, it is crazily easy to optimize the content.

WordPress has a feature that guides the user about where the content stands, and what needs to be done in order to make the content SEO friendly. It offers a green and orange signal. When the content isn’t up to the mark, the signal would be orange. When the content is SEO-friendly, the signal turns green.

Needless to say but every business wants to rank top in the search engines. Through WordPress, you might be number 1 on the search engine – so why not give it a shot?

Your visitor doesn’t have to wait:

Do you like waiting in the shop to buy something? Waiting can be a frustrating experience.

The same goes for the websites. If the website loading time is a little too much, and the visitor has to wait for several minutes to land on its desired page; you might lose a potential customer – because the truth is; no one likes waiting.

With WordPress, your website would load at a tiger’s pace. But the prerequisite to the fast-loading website is that you choose the correct plugin and fast-loading theme.

Waiting can make the whole experience unattractive. Use WordPress, and don’t make your visitors wait.

Ease of use:

The purpose of launching WordPress was to serve non-technical minds, and WordPress has successfully accomplished its purpose.

WordPress offers a very convenient and user-friendly interface that would be easily operated by beginners too. Also, it has many tutorials available as a guideline to the user.

Unlike other content management systems, the user doesn’t have to struggle with learning the interface for the first few months.

With this content management system – just download, install, adjust the settings, and run the website.

In the simpler version, WordPress is very handy and uncomplicated to use; even a newbie can operate it smoothly.


Websites on WordPress are being used by a huge number of users, and this is for a reason definitely. No one wants to miss the golden opportunity to launch their website using WordPress.

However, there are several people who look for WordPress developers to make their websites for them. Hence, WordPress development has a very intensive scope nationally, and internationally.

You can unleash a whole new set of opportunities if you enroll yourself in the WordPress Development Mastery course to develop WordPress websites like a pro!

Digital Minds Pakistan offers WordPress Development Mastery courses.

Want to build websites like a pro? Make sure you learn by a pro. Enroll now.