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WordPress is the easiest way to create your own website, with simple steps and a lot of room for creativity. In technical language, WordPress is just like a CMS or Content Management System tool, through which you can operate your fully-featured website.

It happened in 2003 when two initiative minds sat together to bring out something which is now used by over 38% of the websites. The reason for its popularity is that it is very simple to use. Without knowing about programming and coding, you can launch your own website! – isn’t it worth a try?

WordPress websites are a complete treasure for every type of business. Either you are a blogger who loves to pen down their thoughts, or a photographer who wants to display its portfolio, or a business who wants to build its digital presence, or an e-commerce site owner who wishes to sell online – WordPress is a complete solution for everyone.

If you are clear about WordPress, let’s talk about the reasons why you should be using WordPress for your website development:

Offers an array of themes:

The best part about WordPress is that it offers a lot of room for different themes and styles. Let’s face it that all themes at WordPress are not for free, but many classy themes cost zero! If you use WordPress, you’ll be exposed to several free themes too which are ready to use instantly. Just to be extra sure, you can preview the website with the selected theme, and you are all set to go!

WordPress treats you extra:

Although WordPress has all the basic elements which are required by the website to run smoothly, few users demand more. In this case, WordPress would stick with you like a true companion and offer you a whole directory of extra elements like forms, shopping carts, or anything feature. Apart from this, users have the option to spend some money and purchase customized plug-ins. Latter you can deactivate or uninstall the plugins if you feel like it.

Who doesn’t wants to rank higher?

Every business wishes to be on the top ranking of Google. WordPress has made this easy because WordPress sites usually rank higher as compared to other websites. This is because of the keyword element in WordPress. The higher the keyword density, the higher the chances of ranking – agreed?

Also, WordPress has a lot of tools that can easily optimize content as per the requirements of search engine optimization. So who doesn’t want optimized content?

Extra marks for being responsive:

Another reason why websites rank on Google is mobile responsiveness. While building a website, make sure that it looks good on cellphones, tablets, computers, or any device. WordPress has a lot of responsive themes, which would work on any device and make the website super-responsive.

So of course, why shouldn’t we give extra marks to WordPress for this reason?

Easily accessible:

WordPress allows multiple users at a time. If you grant permission to the user, anyone could access it. However, you need to grant appropriate permission for allotting the access. This factor becomes beneficial when you and your teammates are working remotely.

You do not need to own a separate blog:

With WordPress, managing content is super easy! WordPress comes with a built-in blog feature, which is easily accessible through any device. If you use other ways to create a website, you might need to create a blog separately which might add extra cost.

So who doesn’t love to have an easy, and all-time accessible blog site?

A fact: WordPress was launched for blogging sites only. Latter with the passage of time, the purpose became versatile.

No worries even if you are a beginner

WordPress is so simple to use that a beginner can launch a website using this platform. If you are unaware of coding languages then WordPress can be your companion. Downloading WordPress is just a matter of a single click, and setting it up isn’t so difficult.

A companion for everyone

WordPress has really versatile options when it comes to developing any kind of site. However, as we discussed above that WordPress was launched to support blogging, but later it offered several plugins too. So you can create any type of website, according to the nature of your business. If your business demands something extra, you can mix the plugins to meet the requirements.

Hence, for being so versatile WordPress is known as a true companion for every nature of business.

WordPress is a highly consumed tool by users to build a website. Knowing WordPress is easy but if you do it yourself, you might miss out on some important aspects, and tips. For this reason, it is important to learn about the WordPress Development course.

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