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What Is Seo?

Search engine optimization is a process of driving traffic towards a website through organic search results on search engines.

In the sector of digital marketing, SEO has emerged as an important tool or process of increasing the power of search engines like Google.  In order to elevate the ranking of a website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), firms and businesses are looking for specialized professionals of digital marketing and SEO to accomplish this goal. SEO specialists are tasked with promoting, maintaining and managing the quality of websites.

How Does SEO Work?

A search engine such as Google, generate their search results totally based upon authenticity and relevance of websites and pages it has crawled and included in its web index, to provide the best and most appropriate answer to a user’s query.

Search engines use signals in generating their search results and SEO uses technical and creative activities to improve and influence these signals.

SEO, therefore, focuses on making sure a website is accessible, fine with all the technicalities, uses the exact words that people type into the search engines. Its goal is to provide great user experience, with extremely useful and high-quality expert level content that helps in answering the user’s query.

How To Be An Expert:

There is a lot you need to know to learn about SEO, to be an expert. It will require you to take a proper SEO training course and later a lot of practice to gain technical and creative skills as well as experience. There are many platforms and training institutions that are offering Digital marketing and SEO training courses in Karachi, Pakistan, under the supervision of certified professionals who will guide you with the most efficient and effective strategies and top-quality techniques that will help you build your career as an expert of SEO.

  1.        Learn                                 
  2.        Practice                             
  3.        You are good to go 



Here is a basic guide that will give you a little idea of search engine optimization. SEO consists of creative and technical activities that are often classified as ‘Onsite SEO’ and ‘Offsite SEO’. These terminologies themselves give the idea of what they are. They have performed on and away from the website. These activities need skills and proficiency often from the experts to be carried out.


Onsite SEO indicates the activities performed on a website to improve organic or natural visibility. This means optimizing a website and its content to improve the relevancy, accessibility, and experience for users. These activities include:

  • Keyword Researchanalyzing and then evaluating the type of words and frequencies used by potential customers to find a service or product.
  • Onsite OptimisationImproving the structure of a website, internal navigation, on-page alignment and relevancy of content to help prioritize key areas and target relevant search phrases.


Offsite SEO directs towards the activities carried out away from a website to improve natural or organic visibility. This is also called as ‘link building’, its target is to expand the number of reputable links from other websites, as the search engines use these links as a vote of trust.

  • Link building

Links from pages and websites with more popularity, trust and relevancy will prove another website more worthy, than a poor or unknown website that is not trusted by the search engines. So, the quality of a link is always important.

  • Website Content

Creating quality content will help attract authentic and relevant links. This content might include a guide, an interesting story, visuals, researches or news with compelling facts and stats.


When you are done learning the SEO tools and technique, you need to know where and how to them. Following are activities which are applied ONPAGE.

  • Title tags

The title tag determines the search engines what the page is about and if that page of your website is relevant for that keyword or keyword phrase. Title tags must be unique for every page.

  • Meta descriptions

These descriptions are written right under the title on search engine result page. They are very important in getting users to click through to your website from the search engine results page. Meta descriptions must use keywords wisely, but also include an attractive description on which a user would want to click on.

  • Content with Keywords

it is very important that your content is relevant and unique. If you have numerous pages with the same content, you will have the risk of getting penalized by search engine and that will ultimately affect your search rankings.

  • Linking internal pages with anchor text

Internal linking means a link on a page that directs towards another page on the same website. It is important because it gives internal strength to the keywords for those pages. It also allows users to surf through the website pages.

Following are things you can practice in OFF PAGE activities.

  • Social Media Engagement

social media engagement is a major off-site technique of SEO.  In order to make your business, website or blog popular, interact and engage with people on various social media platforms. Social media presence will help grow your business as well as help you obtain more backlinks.

  • Generating shareable Content

Quality of content is always the key in search engine optimization. Creating content that is shareable is a smart way of generating more and more natural links to your website.

  • Influencer Outreach

If your content is share-worthy, reach out to the influencers. Direct them to check your website or blog and ask for link backs from their blogs or social media accounts. Make sure you get the links from completely relevant sources and domains.


Prepare yourself to work for very little money or sometimes even for nothing because the experience is the key. In the beginning, set up your own blog and play around with all the methods and ways you learned and practiced of driving traffic. Even better option is to offer to help someone with their online marketing campaigns. Once you have some experience to talk about, It is easy to begin working as SEO professionally because you are an expert now!

There are several platforms to start working from, It can be your own blog or website. You can find work through the many freelance websites available on the internet. Or you can always go out to any marketing agency to seek a job as an SEO expert. Because the scope is very wide!

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