21 May

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How Atif founded his own company after completing his Digital Marketing Certificate

When you got ideas, talent, and skills to be an entrepreneur, to pull off a startup, but also have no clue how or from where to begin, you go from place to place searching for opportunities, looking for a spark or kick start. In the process, many challenges come in your way, regardless of your determination. And sometimes, things might even get unfair, but you are never supposed to give up on your dream.

An individual, Atif, has a similar story. He was a professional designer. He was highly talented, skillful, and brilliant at his work but, even after being so extraordinary, he struggled to get the exposure and recognition his work deserved. He was not given any big opportunity that was his absolute right, and due to which he was unable to expand his business and earn enough.

At that time, He did not know a lot about the digital medium and its importance in the marketing sector, he was unaware of the opportunities online platforms could bring to him and help him grow his business and maximize his earnings. He then came to know about Digital Marketing, that it is such a platform that can grant you great chances to expand your business and increase your earnings to a huge extent.

Then, Atif decided to enroll himself in a Digital Marketing Mastery Program in December 2017, it took him only four months to complete the program. He got his certification in March 2018. Through this program, he learned about several digital marketing platforms and tools, and how it bridges the gap between your business and the potential customers. He also came to know about some genius marketing tactics and strategies that could help him improve and grow his business.

Right after completion of his certifications, Atif started working through freelancing platforms as well as his own website. He was able to reach to his clients easily through this medium, either local or international. And within only the first 8 months, he started earning up to $3000 revenue per month. He later decided to expand his business by founding his own company and ended up being highly satisfied with work as well as earnings.

Digital marketing has provided people of this era with unlimited opportunities that they missed before it. It shows how great of a platform digital medium is. Digital marketing is proving to be a successful industry nowadays in Pakistan as well as all around the world. It has a great scope for those who are good with socializing with people. and begin to seek opportunities through it to get positive results.

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    very impressive role model for all those who wants to build his own DM/SEO biz. i am impressed.

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