04 Nov

By: Zain Ul Haq Fareedi

Digital Development / Digital Marketing / Graphic Designing

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Today we are going to discuss the most frequently searched query, i.e. difference between web design and web development. We have often seen people mixing up both terminologies. Both fields are somehow connected but are poles apart too. However, the importance of both fields cannot be denied.

The core difference between web design and web development is that a web designer designs a website; while a web developer brings the website to life. Clear enough?

A web designer is responsible to utilize its artistic approach and offer a user-friendly experience to the website visitor and make the website layout look “OH-MY-GOSH!”.

The web designer also looks after the following factors:

Balance – A very critical aspect of web designing and sets a considerable difference between web design and web development. The website should be balanced in all aspects including images, colors, icons, font, typography, readability, placement, the movement of drop-down menus, sound effects, and web animation.

Color palettes – Color theory plays a key role while designing a website. A web designer needs to pay keen attention to what colors is he using. Is the color going with the brand theme? Are the colors too dark? Are the colors too light? Is contrast okay? Is the color combination good or it looks tacky?

Software – Since the website designing is about graphics; web designer works on software like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, or Framer. Of course, nothing comes overnight. Being a web designer you reject several drafts in your mind and finally put something on the table.

Discussing the second part of the query i.e. web development; is a vast field. Let’s have a look over that.

Gives life to the design – Another difference between web design and web development is the web designer designs it; the web developer puts life into it and makes it functional. There are usually two types of web developers; front-end developer (who handles things that are being displayed on the website), and back-end developer (one who handles data, modeling, coding of the website along with managing the responsiveness of the website).

Coding – Web developers work through coding. They are aware of programming languages including HTML, CSS, and JS. Using these coding languages, a web developer creates a useable and full-fledged website!

Which field to choose?

The difference between web design and web development has been cleared, but excelling in which field would guarantee a successful future?

Well, both! Because both fields are interlinked.

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