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Affiliate Marketing Networks - Complete Guide on Types, Tips & Advertising - Digital Minds Pakistan

By: Digital Minds Pakistan

Affiliate Marketing

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In simplest form; an Affiliate marketing network is a way to earn through selling someone else’s product or services. This is possible in several ways! Below is the list of the topmost trusted affiliate network types of this era.

List of Types of Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Content Marketing through Blogs:

The audience tends to trust online blogs and websites reviewing a specific product and service. Hence, under this type of affiliate network, the website owner or the blogger reviews a specific product or service. Readers might develop an interest in the brand and land of their website, ending up purchasing their product/ service.

Email Marketing:

If you think e-mail marketing no more exists – you need to rethink. 59% of marketers agree that email affiliate marketing brings the biggest ROI. Under this type of Affiliate marketing network, if one ends up making a purchase from the e-mail affiliate link, the marketer gets the commission.

Affiliate Coupon Programs:

This method is an effective method for new businesses to have visitors on their website or social media page. Under coupon affiliate network or program, the business provides a certain % off on their product to a particular group of people, through a promo code or coupons. The more people use the promo code or coupon, the distributor gets the commission.

Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon is considered the largest affiliate program, empowering bloggers to earn up to 10% commission through a customized link. Whenever a buyer makes a buying decision after reading that blog and clicking on the link, the website owner gets the discount.

Tips and Tricks to Manage Affiliate Network Smartly:

Be Smart with Content:

Google Analytics is smart enough to differentiate between the content that is written to only promote the product, and content written to develop the interest of the reader. Write quality content that encourages readers to spend time on.

Keyword – The Game Changer:

We all know, the keyword is like a missing piece to the puzzle. You have to be very smart while inserting keywords into your content. Do not over insert them, as Google can easily detect them and sink your ranking to the bottom.

Practice Patience:

No offense, affiliate marketing is a field where one can make millions – but this doesn’t happen overnight. You need to practice patience and wait for at least 3 to 4 months before you start earning.

Choose Wisely:

Your selection of affiliate networks is going to stick with you for a longer period of time. Hence you need to look at the pros and cons of each affiliate network and how it can affect your traffic and income. For example, a few affiliate marketing networks do not allow you to run Google ads; are you sure you want to go for such affiliate networks? Enroll Now in our Affiliate Marketing Training.

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