Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Course in Karachi

Social media is your powerful ticket to outgrow your potential. With endless possibilities, it is time to challenge your competitors by dominating highly customized and effective social media campaigns.

This SMM Mastery Course Will Enable You to Earn in Dollars And Take Your Business To Where You Want It!

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Learn Social Media Marketing by Industry Experts

At Digital Minds, we have one of the best and most experienced teams of digital and social media marketers with years of industry experience. The entire content of the course is purposefully defined and designed by these experienced marketers to you, the future professionals, marketers and businessmen/businesswomen, to ​master the art of social media marketing.

Who should attend this Social Media Mastery Course?

This Social media training course is ideally designed for businessmen, professionals and marketers alike. The content of the course is developed so as to enable individuals from different walks of life to get insights into social media marketing strategies and spur growth in their careers and businesses.

Who should attend this Social Media Mastery Course?

Are YOU a powerhouse individual looking to change their life? Do you have the taste for growth? Is it time for you to get out of your comfort zone? If you answered yes to any of these, this course is designed for you. Rather if you are an experienced marketer or a newbie, we provide top insight, value, education and REMARKABLE social media strategies for you.


Why you need Social Media Training?


Our ears have been on the Social Media grounds for over 10 years just for you. Traditional marketing is being phased out daily, you are now able to targeted directly to your audience with highly converting ads. The world is at your fingertips, let us teach you how to become a top Pakistani Influencer. Through our SMM Course!

Why Digital Minds?

    • Digital Minds is the only Social Media Mastery Course in the city where you get to learn with leading industry professionals with a strong international portfolio and remarkable career success.


    • We are one of the only institute in the country that’s offering SMM training courses at international level (We are registered with Era of Ecom Platform; one of the best international schools in the industry).


    • We are proud of our alumnus; working across the national and international industry at leading positions.


  • Digital Minds Purposefully designed all courses to train youth and professionals to deal with international clients, run their own business and secure high paid jobs in professional agencies.

What you’ll learn?

At the end of the Social Media training course, you will have learned:

    • Spend real dollars on real projects to test skills


    • ✅ Assess the social media marketing needs of businesses


    • ✅ Running a successful social media marketing campaign with low budgets.


    • ✅ How quickly outperform your competitors


    • ✅ Identifying your business strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats!


    • ✅ How to build Brand reputation quickly


    • ✅ Develop a customer persona to target actual audience for your business


    • ✅ How to run targeted Ads on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.


    • ✅ Facebook/Instagram Re-targeting – In-Depth Understanding with Facebook Pixel..


    • ✅ How to convert a company name in to a BRAND!


    • ✅ Writing Ad Descriptions Without English Skills.


    • ✅ Plan/schedule social media campaign calendar


    • ✅ Golden Standard Reporting Formats


    • ✅ Spend REAL DOLLARS on our behalf, Test YOUR SKILLS with Confidence!


    • ✅ Students Get Job Placements? YES



Social Media Training Course – Key Learning

This is just the small overview of Social Media Mastery Course, You will be learning BEYOND this course outline.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Introduction to social media and how it has altered the user decision-making process and communications paradigm.

Key Social Platforms

Understand the role of social media networks in the distribution of content, including network structure and how it affects the flow of information.

Facebook Marketing

You will learn Facebook Marketing from beginner level to advanced!

Instagram Marketing

Master the art of Instagram Marketing and create ROI driven ad campaigns.

YouTube Marketing

Learn real-world marketing funnels that can be set up with YouTube

Twitter Marketing

Position yourself as an expert in your niche using Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing

Learn LinkedIn Marketing strategies to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into warm leads.

Influencer Marketing

Understand how Influencer Marketing fits into a digital media strategy.

Implement & Monitor Campaigns

Spend real dollars to implement campaigns and monitor them.

Measurement & Optimization

Measure and Optimize on-going campaigns on all platforms.


Learn how to create reporting of all executed campaigns.

Assessment & Overall Review

Final Assessment for Social Media Marketing Certificate and Overall Review of the course.

Weekend SMM Courses Batch 01 Starting from October 03rd, 2020

Course Duration: 06 Weeks


Saturday & Sunday 12:30am – 02:00pm


Weekend SMM Courses Batch 02 Starting from October 17th, 2020

Course Duration: 06 Weeks


Saturday & Sunday 03:30pm – 05:00pm

Fees: Rs. 25,000/- Get 40% Off Straight Away on Registration and Pay Rs. 15,000/-
(Partial Fee Payment Option For Students)

No Registration or Advanced Fee