The most advanced PPC Training Course in Karachi!

The entire purpose of this training is to train the aspiring digital marketers of the future to learn the tricks and tips of the game and kick-start their professional careers towards success. We are one of the premium PPC training institute in Karachi, offering the most advanced Google AdWords course in the city that covers A to Z of Google Ads like Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Mobile Ads.

Are you ready to be part of the Digital Revolution?

Pakistan is the 3rd largest and most preferred market for international businesses to outsource their digital marketing.

The e-commerce industry in Pakistan has just begun to blossom. With an ever-increasing number of local businesses turning to the digital market and a host of international businesses looking to outsource their digital marketing needs, it’s time Pakistani youth take-on this highly rewarding career.
Digital Minds is one of the first institutions in the country that has been offering professional and market-oriented digital marketing and Google adwords course in the country. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of businesses and youngsters take leverage of this growing industry. Over the years we have refined our course and incorporated the latest techniques and tricks while restructuring the deliverance to make it even more interactive for attendees and help them kick-start their careers in one of the highest-paid industries that’s bound to see growth in the foreseeable future.

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Why you need Google Adwords Course?

Learn to Master the art of creating enticing Google Ads!

Digital marketing is the topic of debate today with endless growth opportunities for future marketers as well as young entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the growing e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

What skills do I need for this course?

This is a unique course that has been specifically designed to take an all about approach towards Google AdWords or PPC training. The course is ideal for all career level individuals including students, professionals, graduates as well as business owners. Our master trainers are well-versed with the varying learning needs of the individuals and ensure a collective and individual learning environment in the class.

Why Digital Minds?

  • Digital Minds is the only PPC training institute in the city where you get to learn with leading industry professionals with a strong international portfolio and startling career success.
  • We are one of the only institute in the country that’s offering PPC and Google AdWords training courses at international level (We are registered with Era of Ecom Platform; one of the best international schools in the industry).
  • We are proud of our alumnus; working across the national and international industry at leading positions.
  • Digital Minds Purposefully designed all courses to train youth and professionals to deal with international clients, run their own business and secure high paid jobs in professional agencies.

What you’ll learn?

At the completion of the Google AdWords Course, you will have professional skills at:

  • ✅ Spend real dollars on real projects to test skills
  • ✅ Familiarity with the fundamental concepts and working principles of bidding auction
  • ✅ Choosing right keywords for max ROI
  • ✅ Strategically use bid adjustment and Ad scheduling to maximize profits
  • ✅ Learn How to run successful campaign with small budgets and scale up
  • ✅ Getting familiar with new Ad Types in Google Ads be able to use it for any business.
  • ✅ Understanding conversion, conversion tracking and how conversion tracking can boost sales.
  • ✅ Creating insightful and interactive reports
  • ✅ Running campaigns for eCommerce Websites
  • ✅ Running campaign for new businesses.
  • ✅ Google Shopping Ads, Strategy, Planning and Optimization
  • ✅ How To Run Remarketing Ads with Less Budgets
  • ✅ Interactive and Youtub Advertisement
  • ✅ Creating insightful and interactive reports
  • ✅ Creating optimizing techniques
  • ✅ Google Ads Certification Preparation

AdWords PPC Training Course – Key Learning

This is just the small overview of Google Ads Mastery Course, You will be learning BEYOND this course outline.

Introduction to Google Ads

Understanding the Power and Reason of Google Ads Dominance.

Creating and Setting Up Google Adwords Account

Hands on Practice to Setup Google Adwords Account During Training.

Types of Google Ads

Whether you need brand exposure, targeted traffic, phone calls Google Ads has to offer solutions to all kind of businesses.

Configuring Search Network and Display Ads

How to setup Google Search Network and Display Ads (Hands on Practice)

Bidding Strategies

Complete Understanding With Bidding Strategies

Understanding Google Ads Extensions

Power Of Google Ads Extension, Learn Creative Ways to Use it.

Understanding Ad Rotation

Complete Understanding with Ad Rotation, How it effects Ads and Business.

Keywords In-depth Analysis

Understand Keyword Types and Choose Profitable keyword like an Expert.

Keyword Organization

How Keyword Organization helps business to make more profit.

Conversion Tracking

Understand Conversion tracking, Difference Between Micro and Macro Conversions and Setup Conversion Tracking.

Report Generation

Explore Powerful Reports and Learn Professional Reporting Structure.


Course Starting from September 24th, 2021

Course Duration: 06 Weeks


Weekend: Saturday & Sunday 04:00pm – 05:00pm

Fees: Rs. 25,000/- Get 30% Off Straight Away on Registration and Pay Rs. 17,500/-
(Partial Fee Payment Option For Students)

No Registration or Advanced Fee