Words are more powerful than the sword - only if you know how to use them correctly!

Content writing is one of the rapidly growing professions these days. From websites to social media channels, high-quality content has become crucial in every domain. The perfectly crafted content can make a huge difference. Have you ever read catchy taglines and click on the link immediately? This is the power of well-written content but you need to have a perfect content writing training.

Rule the World with Writing because Content is King!

Not only this, when you want to convince customers to place an order online, you need a copy that encourages users to explore more about your brand and eventually make a purchase. But, do you struggle to write marketing copy that increases sales? Or, you spend hours and hours researching but couldn’t find words to begin writing a blog? You can master the art of writing with this informative content writing course. You can enroll at Digital Minds and learn useful tricks and tips to become a professional content writer.

Learn Writing by Expert Writer

Content writing is a skill that is high-in-demand in the market. So, it makes sense to learn it under the supervision of an expert writer. Like other instructors at Digital Minds, content writing will be taught by a writing guru, Aleeza Batool. She has been involved in the field for over six years. This means, the students aren’t only going to develop their skills but learn about the field from her vast experience gathered in her content writing training course.

Be it content or creative, Aleeza Batool will teach how to handle both categories. She has worked with numerous clients and companies and has solved their content-related problems. Aleeza Batool is a determined individual who wants to make an impact by sharing her knowledge with the younger generation and make a difference in their professional lives.

Who can be the Attendees?

Students who have completed Intermediate or A-level and looking for career options can join this informative content writing course. After passing intermediate or A-level, many students remain unclear about future goals.

This seems the best time to invest in something that opens doors of opportunities for you. Content writing is a skill that you can polish under the guidance of our expert instructor. Also, if you possess Basic English knowledge, you are more than welcome. To craft a top-notch content, English knowledge is a must. If you are good at English, this content writing course in Karachi is for you. You will also get a content writing certification.

Why do you need to Learn Content Writing?

From marketing copies to a business proposal, content writing has become a significant aspect of organizations. With the required knowledge about the skills, you would be able to become a part of one of these companies and excel in your career. Learning content writing can help you build a successful career. You can provide your writing services to various clients and help them sell their products and services. Thereby, start a content writing certification course to get a profound digital content writing training.

Why you should choose Digital Minds?

The answer is simple. At Digital Minds, you learn from the experts of the industry. Your course instructor is always the one who has spent years in the field and learned from the professionals. These experts from the industry have a sea of knowledge that they willingly share with other people and help them create a bright future. Digital Minds prefer to seek the services of only experts to create a lasting impact in the careers of course attendees. Digital Marketing content writing course at Digital Minds is the solution to learn all your content related needs.

What you will learn?

By the end of the content writing course in Karachi, you will be an expert in the following.

  • ✅ Creative thinking
  • ✅ Website content writing
  • ✅ Blog and article writing
  • ✅ Copywriting and advertising content
  • ✅ Sales and promotions content
  • ✅ Academic writing
  • ✅ Writing quality content

What Does Content Writing Course offer?

This brilliant content writing course has been divided into eight weeks. Each week the students will learn something new along with different types of content. Once you enter the class, you will be getting knowledge that will help throughout your career.

Here is the lesson list of the content writing course but the instructor is going to give an in-depth lecture and cover beyond these lessons.

Introduction to Content Writing

Content Writing in a nutshell! Why is is important and how you can get out the most from it?

Understanding Website Content

How web content works? How will Google find your content up to the mark?

Difference between Blogs and Articles

Blogs and Articles are they same? No they are not and totally different.

Promotional Content Writing

What is role of content in promoting your products and services?


What is role of content in promoting your products and services?

Techniques of Research Writing

Email Newsletters that convert a lead into a paying customer

Proof Reading Techniques and Software

Why proofreading is important?

Jackpot Learning Class


Course Starting from May 30th, 2020

Course Duration: 08 Weeks


Saturday 02:00pm – 03:00pm

Fees: Rs. 25,000/- Get 40% Off Straight Away on Registration and Pay Rs. 15,000/-
(Partial Fee Payment Option For Students)

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