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21 May


Divan Factory Outlet, a distinguished retailer known for its high-quality home furnishings, sought our expertise to enhance its digital footprint and drive its online business forward. Understanding the critical importance of a robust digital presence in the competitive market, they approached us for a comprehensive digital management solution. Our responsibilities encompassed managing their Shopify website, optimizing it for performance and user experience, boosting their social media engagement, developing and implementing a strong SEO strategy, and running targeted Google Ads campaigns to increase traffic and sales.

Problem Statement

Divan Factory Outlet faced significant challenges in their digital operations, which hindered their growth and market reach. Their Shopify website was not fully optimized, leading to a subpar user experience and performance issues that affected customer satisfaction and retention. Their social media platforms suffered from low engagement rates, limiting their ability to effectively connect with their audience and expand their brand visibility.

Additionally, their SEO strategy was insufficient, resulting in poor organic search rankings and inadequate organic traffic. This lack of visibility in search engine results meant that potential customers were not finding their products. Furthermore, the absence of effective Google Ads campaigns meant they were not capitalizing on the potential to drive targeted traffic to their site, which would have increased sales and revenue.

These challenges necessitated a comprehensive overhaul of their digital strategy. The goal was to create a cohesive and effective plan that would optimize their website, enhance social media engagement, improve organic search visibility through robust SEO practices, and implement targeted Google Ads campaigns to attract and convert high-quality traffic. Addressing these issues was crucial for Divan Factory Outlet to achieve substantial improvements in their online visibility, customer engagement, and overall digital performance.